Big Impact from a Little Help with Annual Appeal

St Christopher Foundation for Children Annual Appeal 2013

What do you do when you are a 4-person team and one of you is on leave during Annual Appeal season? Call Iris!

It’s hard for a small shop to keep things going when key talent is unavailable. With a few brainstorming sessions and an openness to outside ideas, we were able to bring some new approaches to the Foundation’s Annual Appeal process.

Halfway through the Annual Fund cycle, the letter that we wrote is already the second highest producer ever. It’s working so well that they decided to use our letter for the Spring Appeal “because it worked.”

What made it work so well?

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New Messaging for The Wharton Fund

Whatron Annual Fund Marketing

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has grown a large alumni contingent over its years of providing top MBA education. While contributions to the program are significant, Wharton thought they could improve their messaging to achieve better alumni engagement and greater participation. Iris Creative developed the concept of “Unbounded Opportunity” as a theme to reflect what alumni received from their education as well as what they can offer to incoming students. The affiliation with the Wharton brand is a key factor in deciding to attend the program, this year’s theme takes that a step further to connect graduates with the lifelong benefits of being part of their community. This brochure was developed as the campaign kickoff piece. The theme is being presented throughout the year on the website, in video, advertising and additional direct mail.

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