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July 15, 2013


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This year’s AMA Nonprofit Marketing Conference in Arlington Va is just a few weeks away. If you have never been, consider the trip. While I speak at many conferences, this time I’ll be there representing Iris at a booth, so please stop by for a visit. One of the things I have on my list for 2013 is to record interviews with nonprofit marketers and industry partners about how they drive participation in their organizations. Can you spare 15 minutes to share your story?

As you know if you read any of my posts or hear me speak, I believe that engagement in many forms is what generates involved members. Whether they are students, volunteers, attendees or donors, getting active increases the chances that they will stick around, give back and spread the word.

I am sure many of you have seen this play out in your organizations and schools. And I know that you have some amazing stories of tactics you tried, strategies that you embrace or lucky surprises  that have really made a difference in driving participation.

The nonprofit community can’t always afford to send marketing staff to conferences like AMA’s. Many don’t even have a dedicated marketing staff, it’s fundraisers and EDs and others trying to promote on top of all the other things you do. As a community, sharing great ideas and knowledge of what’s working can help support all the organizations who are trying to communicate better in order to achieve their mission. That’s why I do so much speaking at nonprofit events.

So now I want to take it a step further and capture your experiences of what is working to drive participation. I’ll be doing onsite recorded interviews during AMA and setting up Google Hangouts or Skype calls at another time with those of you who can’t be there. These stories will get shared on our site, on YouTube and as a podcast.

I hope you can come to the AMA NonProfit Conference. It looks to be a great event with a really fabulous set of speakers. There is a lot you can learn from them. But I think there is plenty people can learn from you too. If you’ll be there, send me a note so we can plan a time to record a short session. I’m only going to ask one question: “What’s working to drive participation in your organization?”  And even if you don’t want to record, please stop by to say hello. If you are looking for help with your strategy or creative. And, if nothing else,  I’ll have some great mugs, water bottles and travel cups until they run out!

If there is no budget or time for you to go, that’s even more reason to share your story. Connect with me and we’ll plan a time to record a call. My personal email is beth@…the rest is in the right column.

Hope to see you in July.


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