Developing Strategy

Strategy Sessions
Many organizations know they have a communication problem; they are just not sure what it is. Changing communication strategy is a big deal so it’s important to be sure you are solving the right problem. Strategy sessions provide an opportunity to bring together board members and staff to identify issues and opportunities. Iris Creative facilitates programs that encourage a team approach to identifying what project(s) would have the biggest positive impact on organizational communication.

Brand Development
Branding (or rebranding) is an opportunity to look deeply into your organization and find out where you are truly distinctive. It is difficult to look at all of the things you do and discover what you deliver that is most urgent, relevant and important to your audience. You need to be willing to choose, to focus and to define both who you are and who you are not. Its scary, but the results are powerful.
See how rebranding transformed a rare disease association.

Marketing Planning
The best way to build relationships is to stay in touch with people inside and outside your organization. People are most likely to engage with you when they know what to expect. Think of planning as a way to help you stay on schedule and an opportunity to build your reputation with your constituents.

Effective planning starts at the strategic level, outlining goals, audiences and opportunities. Most marketing plans fail because they stop here and leave you wondering how, when and where to start. Our strategic communication plans add a second “action plan” that details the development process for the most urgent projects.

Social and Search Strategy
Few businesses can benefit from building online community more than people-focused organizations. Connecting through social media is an ideal opportunity for member-driven groups to extend their relationships. Most organizations have experimented in social media. The challenge now is connecting these tactics to each other and your overall marketing strategy.

If driving traffic to your website is an important part of your marketing, developing coordinated search and social tactics will help bring the right visitors. Research and planning before a website redesign will ensure the new site is built to attract quality prospects, encourage the action you want and track what actually happens. Ongoing work to develop strategic content that fuels online marketing will keep the fire burning.
See how a NJ Trade School is filling classes with an integrated search and social strategy.

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Delivering Creative

Graphic Design
Design is the image that represents your brand. Good design helps readers find and understand information. Great design creates a distinctive look that people will recognize and remember. We help clients become memorable with key projects like logo development and annual reports as well as working year-round to deliver ongoing communications.
View “our work” to see the results.

Web and Email Development
Are you struggling with a website that you can’t update easily, isn’t capturing web leads or doesn’t work with your database or email system? In today’s marketing environment, websites need to be dynamic. New content should be added regularly to improve search, offer resources to your audience and provide stories and media for sharing on social sites. We will look at your systems, your marketing plan and your people resources to create web and email marketing tools that allow you to advance your mission daily.

Creating compelling stories is harder than it looks. Professional copywriting creates a distinctive message and tone. A steady stream of new content is the backbone of search and social marketing. Strategically developed copy for web and landing pages will attract organic keyword search traffic and improve conversions from online marketing efforts.

Building a photo library whether custom, stock or a mix, creates an asset that has value across many projects. We can work with you on planning, hiring the right photographer and photo direction as well as researching stock photography options to supplement your images.

Social and Multimedia
We firmly believe that daily social interaction should come directly from you. But we can help. Starting with strategy, setting up monitoring systems, writing policies and developing procedures, training your team, we can help take your social efforts from experimental to integrated.

On an ongoing basis, we can offer analysis, management, development and setup of scheduled posts. We develop app pages and custom covers for Facebook Timelines. We look at your current communications tools and suggest ways to re-purpose them for social sites as well as developing new video, demos, ebooks, and other media for sharing.

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Building Skills

Every organization has communication needs they handle themselves. The better our work and yours connect to each other, the stronger your overall marketing will be. Our goal is to build your knowledge and skills so we can plan and deliver the most effective marketing together.

In our Resources section, you can read our blog. It includes new ideas, how to, tips, and samples to give you strategy and tactics you can implement in your organization. Additionally, you’ll find articles, interviews, recordings and slide decks from our workshops.
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Workshops & Speaking
Looking for more in-depth understanding? Try a live program. Beth Brodovsky, President of Iris Creative, leads marketing education programs though our Iris Education series as well as presenting for regional, national and international organizations and associations. Topics focus on building community and include subjects in brand development, brand management, donor-centric communications, driving participation and integrating social strategies.
Learn more about program topics, upcoming programs or scheduling Beth for your event.

Training & Coaching
Training provides the opportunity for individualized programming. We can customize any of our topics for your organization and train a group. If hands on or completely unique training is needed, we offer one-on-one training either in person or by webinar. We also provide monthly coaching to answer questions, brainstorm, research, or walk you through technology.

How can we help you build community? Contact us directly to talk about an upcoming project, or connect online to find and share ideas for driving participation in member-focused organizations.

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