The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

A sample training curriculum designed for the specific needs of the Wharton Project.

The Wharton School needed assistance and training in integrating social media tactics with its conference experiences, to provide an excellent alumni experience, and enhance Wharton’s position as a global leader. Iris Creative crafted a custom training session for the Wharton communications team to learn to maximize the school’s social presence.

The training took place onsite at Wharton’s offices and was designed to address participants with varying levels of interest and skill. The program included:

  • An overview of the basic, public tools that Wharton wanted to include in its strategy –  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.
  • Discussion of best practices for communicating personally, professionally or organizationally.
  • Tips, tricks and practice using the tools.
  • How to apply skills to implement the Global Alumni Forum  Social Media Strategy, recognizing opportunities for integration with social and traditional media – email, alumni magazine and website.



Wharton’s communications team learned how to use the tools effectively. The training sessions also provided the opportunity to explore potential issues, brainstorm a process and identify technology that would resolve any problems.

In training it is critical to take into consideration participants’ comfort, interest level, time management skills, and workload. Training is designed to build awareness of “where to click”, appropriate use and brand messaging. It is equally important to develop a process that allows the individuals to feel competent and is easy to integrate into their work. Iris Creative has experience in providing varied scopes of work and customizing projects to client needs.

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