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PhilaFoundOrg_FacebookIris Creative was hired by The Philadelphia Foundation to launch their Facebook presence. The Foundation is an established and respected institution and has generally taken a conservative approach to marketing. There was considerable concern among the executive team about the risks to their brand and reputation upon creating a public social profile.

Iris developed a clear, goal-driven strategy that allowed the Foundation to balance risk with opportunity. This involved three key elements:

  • A policy for staff use of social media. This included appropriate use of work time and acceptable ways of interacting online when using professional identities. Care was taken to present the organization’s preferences while staying within legal guidelines for restricting fair use for employees. Employees signed the policy after an introduction and training session.
  • A content plan to guide the online conversations. In order to stay aligned with the purpose and to present a cohesive brand, it was important to plan the range of topics they were willing to discuss. Selecting “content buckets” and listing acceptable outside resources helps the staff search for and develop content that is diverse yet still brand-focused.
  • A Social Media Task Force trained on the content strategy, with processes for identifying and vetting potential content. The Task Force serves as a team to distribute work-load but also to engage staff and build support for the effort.

With decisions made on why and how, we moved onto developing the actual sites. This included:

  • Consulting with The Foundation to determine that an organizational page as well as a group was necessary to communicate with their audiences.
  • Set up, writing and formatting of the profiles, page and group.
  • Creative design direction
  • A custom “app” page to highlight and direct users to the website.
  • A launch plan to promote the new site.
  • Set up and training for posting, monitoring and reporting.


The site has grown and increased the level of interaction through, almost daily posts. The Foundation has developed significant content for Facebook that it is using throughout other more established communications. Infographics and stylized “poster posts” have been incorporated into the website, e-news and printed and sent with donor mailings. Facebook has encouraged and focused their effort on story-telling and creating content that is donor and audience focused. The feedback provided by Facebook engagement informs marketing to offline constituents.


From Betsy Anderson, Communications Director:

Iris Creative was instrumental in helping us launch our social media presence. Beth Brodvosky guided us through

  • Creating our  employee social media policy
  • How to fit social media into our existing communications strategy Managing content, posting rights and tools for efficient postings
  • Setting up and understanding measurement metrics.

These considerations are unique for each organization. It was key to us to have a knowledgeable expert who understood the social media aspect  and how they played out for our particular industry. We now have a strong Facebook presence that grows in “friends” daily without over-taxing already stretched communications resources. Beth and Iris Creative are an effective bridge for allying fears of senior managers, for developing a social media “department” and for inspiring posts that resonate with our fans and friends.

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