Histiocytosis Association

Histiocytosis Brand Launch

The Histiocytosis Association of America (the Association) provides support, research and education about histiocytic disorders to patients, families and the medical community.  The 12 person staff is challenged to communicate individually with families as well as broadly to over 8,000 members about their services.

The organization believed it was not communicating regularly or effectively enough about what they did and the impact they had. There was a realization that the Association mission would be better served with a clearer vision and simple, effective tools to support their work.

Iris Creative’s work with the Association includes:

  • Branding: Positioning, Name Change, Tagline, Logo
  • Communication Strategy
  • Action Plan
  • Brochure Templates
  • Organizational Brochure
  • Graphic Library
  • Mascot Development

How Iris Creative Helped

To understand the strengths, challenges and goals, Iris Creative conducted a strategy session with staff that identified five key areas to improve the Association’s ability to communicate.  Recognizing that the root issue was brand clarity, the Association engaged Iris Creative to guide them in Brand Development. After launching the brand, Iris has continued to work with the Association to aid in creating ongoing messaging.

During the brand development stage it became clear that three core service areas were each important to members but that funding research was their top priority. To demonstrate how connected their services are, Iris conceived of the “cycle of service” and created a graphic to demonstrate how each piece is needed for the whole system to work.

The original name was changed to reflect the global nature of the organization.  Research proved that the differentiating factor for the Association is that it is the only organization providing these services to both patients and the medical community, which led to the creation of their Brand Statement:

“The Histiocytosis Association is the central community for both patients
and doctors fighting histiocytic disorders to find reliable answers.” 

Finally, the tagline “A Rare Community” was developed to highlight the uniqueness of the disease and the value of having a support system. The logo was developed along with a graphic to explain the cycle of service and the integral part the two audiences of physician and patient play in their community.

The Association looked to the action plan to determine how to use the new brand to improve communications. Iris Creative designed an organizational overview piece in addition to templates for fundraising and disease information brochures that could be replicated by the Association’s staff. To further improve the staff’s ability to create branded marketing on their own, Iris Creative developed a “graphic library” of backgrounds and images for use in any project.

Although the disease heavily impacts young children, the Association had no program or materials to support them directly. The staff mentioned that parents had taken to calling their children “warriors.” Iris suggested taking that idea and creating characters for children to identify with. The mascots are used on T-shirts, Facebook and on the website, with plans to create additional tools for education and support.

View our work re-branding and developing ongoing member communications for the Histiocytocis Association

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