Social Media and the Club: Privacy, Policy and Promotion

CMAA Club Managers World Conference

February 28, 2012, 2:45-3:34


Integrating New Media with Club Traditions

For a privacy-focused industry, the concept of public sharing online can sound more like a disaster than an opportunity. For clubs, “social” has meant showing up in person for dining, sports and activities. Getting members to take advantage of the facilities is a key aspect of retention and revenue and social media are changing how people interact and stay connected.

Why do people join?

Clubs bring together friends, families, acquaintances and strangers to share activities they love. The environment strengthens existing relationships and provides opportunities to make new friendships. Members can connect with colleagues, find fellow lovers of games and sports, and often create affinity groups within the membership to focus on unique hobbies and interests.

Interestingly, that also describes what people get out of online communities. Millions of people are spending countless hours sharing stories and photos, keeping up with their friend’s lives, making business connections and participating in niche interest groups. Stopping this activity is not an option. The question is how can clubs utilize and potentially incorporate this new obsession into the traditional in-person social environment where they excel.

There are many ways to handle the rise of social media, and deciding how to address it within the club environment is critical to being prepared for the future. There are issues and opportunities ranging from human resources to maintaining the exclusive environment and keeping members interested in actually coming out to events.

How do you begin to decide what approach will work best for your club?

  • How staff can balance personal vs. professional identity
  • Ways to make member-only space on public social sites
  • The limits of “privacy”
  • Where to start with policies to keep conversations social and avoid crises
  • How to integrate new media into your current communications
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